We can help you reduce your costs, protect your business and be seen to be green.

If you have obsolete, unwanted, damaged CDs, DVDs and end of life products, we have a solution that won’t cost the earth. Literally.

It’s a sustainable alternative to landfill and incineration. With our chemical free service, 99% of components are recycled. Nothing is incinerated and virtually nothing goes to landfill.

We collect. We recycle. We destroy.

And, if you regularly produce large quantities of waste, we’ll make it even easier by supplying you with on-site skips to take away all the hassle.

Talk to us about our powers of destruction. We can guarantee secure disposal of a wide range of items from confidential records to credit cards.

Choose Discrecycling, and you’ll benefit from:

home_bullet A totally secure, fully accredited and compliant service

home_bullet Free collection in as little as 2 working days for high volumes

home_bullet Peace of mind to protect your customers, your employees and your reputation

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Fact Accredited

We believe strongly in the fight against copyright theft, which is why our company has been accredited by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT)

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Secure Destruction

We can make sure your confidential paperwork, software, credit/debit cards and electronic storage media are securely destroyed.

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CD Recycling

Our special treatment means we can recycle 99% of a CD – and this includes its case and packaging.

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DVD Recycling

So far this year we’ve successfully recycled 3 million discs in a way that doesn’t cost the earth. And doesn’t cost you anything.

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